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DJ Igraczech

The DJ

Producing events, light-engineering, promotion, regular shows on Radio 1 and all of that is just a part of work that real DJ does. Organizing parties at countless clubs was a chance to play with huge names like Panacea or Noisia and hear the rest of them.

The producer

My original idea of becoming a DJ was fueled by a need to produce music. Need to get a grasp of the music, listen thoroughly and understand before trying to make something at all. It took a while for computers to become powerful enough anyway and ended up with several albums and own record label.


Future is in clouds

Designing innovations inside enterprise systems, integrating mobile apps into complex architectures, enforcing security and mobile device & application management. That's my current daily job.


My recent background is in mobile apps and OS X development. I stopped caring a long time ago, whether it's iOS and Xcode, Eclipse/Android Studio, or BlackBerry 10 IDE. Objective-C, Java, C++ ...the language does not matter.

Graphic Design

I love typography, making custom typefaces, magazines, books, posters and product design. Please don't ask me to design websites.